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The ALSA library API is the interface to the ALSA drivers. Developers need to use the functions in this API to achieve native ALSA support for their applications. The ALSA lib documentation is a valuable developer reference to the available functions. In many ways it is a tutorial. The latest on-line documentation is generated from the alsa-lib CVS sources.

The currently designed interfaces are listed below:

  1. Information Interface (/proc/asound)
  2. Control Interface (/dev/snd/controlCX)
  3. Mixer Interface (/dev/snd/mixerCXDX)
  4. PCM Interface (/dev/snd/pcmCXDX)
  5. Raw MIDI Interface (/dev/snd/midiCXDX)
  6. Sequencer Interface (/dev/snd/seq)
  7. Timer Interface (/dev/snd/timer)

You can also generate it yourself. Install the doxygen tool and type 'make doc' in the alsa-lib directory.

There is a stripped version of ALSA-library for small systems like embedded devices, SALSA-Library. It's designed to be source-level API compatible with the normal ALSA library, but has no binary compatibility.

Some aspects of the library operation are affected by environment variables

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